The 5 Most Effective Ways to Teach Infants

One of the most frequently asked questions from Surrey, BC moms is how they can influence their child's learning, outside of daycare/childcare. It's an incredible thought to think about: that the baby that you care for and ensure the well-being of, will one day play an important role in the world that we share. This thought should weigh heavily on your heart, but at the same time should play a key part in your passion and drive to ensure not only the very best possible education for your child, but one that only you can play an active part in as well.

While daycare and childcare providers are typically relied on in terms of their vast knowledge in early childhood education, namely that within the bounds of teaching infants, there are various opportunities available to teach your baby at home. This article is aimed to give you some important techniques that you can use to influence and expand your baby's mind, which in turn leads to later success in their growing life.

1. Stimulate Your Baby's Sense of Vision

One of the earliest signs of communication that your baby develops is that of sight. Therefore, it is incredibly important to stimulate your baby's vision. One of the best things you can do is to make eye contact. Some additional things are to simply play games with your child, make faces in the mirror and let him/her reflect on what they are seeing, stick out your tongue and make funny noises. Not only does this influence your child's vision and focus, but it's a fun way to interact!

2. Talk To Your Baby

Talk with your baby. This is more often than not one of the most overlooked aspects in terms of the way babies learn. Sing songs, talk about the things that you are doing, tickle toes, make jokes. All in all, just be silly! Though you may not get a response, your baby is taking in every little thing that you do… and learning from it. Take advantage of these small windows of opportunity, they will make a great difference in the long run.

3. Devote Your Attention

Additionally, make time to bond with your baby. Whether changing your baby's diaper, or breastfeeding, be sure to make time to devote your entire attention to your baby. It shows your little one that they are the most important feature in your world, and that you make every effort to include him or her, and pride yourself in making their world a better place.


4. Explore New Things Together

Be sure to always explore and play with your baby. Even if your baby is too little to actually play at the park, something as simple as taking a walk through your neighborhood and showing them leaves or pointing to the sky and telling them that it's blue with white clouds, all have great advantages in the way that your child learns. Though your baby may not understand, you are opening doors to bettering your child's future education.

5. Be Your Baby's Teacher

The final aspect to consider is actual teaching. Be sure to explore shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Your child, even though they may not be talking will be better prepared for their learning experience based upon these simple building blocks. Let your child explore how tissues feel, or a cold spoon, silk scarf, the dogs fur, you name it, your child will then come to understand the differences in textures. Shapes as well are a fun learning experience, show your child that the shape of your phone is rectangle, the book is a square, the bowl is a circle. And even letters, the letters on that stop sign are S.T.O.P. These simple strategies will engage your child and make learning something exciting and something they look forward to doing on a daily basis.

Don't Forget To Have Fun

In conclusion, you are being watched. Closely. Every single thing that you do, your child is taking notes on. It's how they learn, come to understand and in turn feel safe in the world that surrounds them, both inside and outside of the home. That being said, the best advice I can give you is simply to have fun! These early years pass so quickly, take advantage of the shaping of your child's young mind, and be sure to influence their learning experience in the best, most positive way possible.