Free Hot Lunch Program

We know that mornings can be busy and preparing and packing a lunch for your child is time consuming. Because of this, Bonnycastle Daycare is one of the only daycare centres in Surrey BC that offers an optional free hot lunch program. We serve healthy and delicious meals that are prepared fresh in our centers every day. Learn more about the types of meals and snacks that we provide.

A nutritious hot lunch is prepared daily in our licensed kitchen.

Lunches include

  • Roast chicken and cheese quesadilla
  • Chicken and vegetable soup
  • Stir-fried chicken and vegetables served on steamed rice
  • Chicken breast nuggets and fries
  • Pizza on occasional Fridays
  • All above entres served with fresh fruits & vegetables

Quesadilla  Chicken Stir Fry  Chicken and Vegetable soup  nuggets

Snacks include

  • Fresh carrots, celery, cucumber served with a healthy dip
  • Yogurt served with fruit

Crisp Seasonal Vegetables Dip Kids-Fruit-Platter Low_fat_yogurt  glass of milk


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